Sunday, June 9, 2013

In Rememberence

On March 28th 2013, Bryan's Grandma, Gloria Kendall past away.  She was one of the kindest most loving women i have ever met.  She always made you feel so loved, and like you were the most important person in the world.  She was an amazing example of how a mother, Grandmother  and Christlike person should be. She will be missed so much!

It's hard to believe it's been a year since Jason passed away.  The Month of May was a hard month for our family.  Not only does it mark a year that he has been gone but it also would've been Jason and Larissas 10 year wedding anniversary.   
His oldest daughter Chloi was baptized a couple of weeks ago.  We are so proud of the decision she made and the beautiful girl she is becoming.  Although it broke our hearts that her Dad couldn't be there to baptize her, we couldn't help but feel his presence there with us.  Before he passed, he wrote his testimony in a Book Of Mormon  and got her a little necklace to be given to her on this day.  What a special gift for her to have :) 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Winter in a Nutshell

We are having another baby!  We found out in November that i was pregnant with baby #4!  We had a few little scares at the beginning and didn't know if everything would be ok, but the baby and i are both healthy and well.  On Christmas i thought i lost the baby and had to make a trip to the ER right in the middle of Christmas dinner.  I found out that i had something called a subchorionic bleed. ( It's like a big blood clot next to the placenta).  Luckily the large amount of bleeding was caused from this and the baby and i were both fine.  It was pretty scary though.  I had one other incident of this happening but at least i knew this time what it was.  
As you can see from this ultrasound picture it is pretty obvious we are having a boy! ha ha.  I have to say i knew right from the beginning.  As far as the first few months of sickness go, i felt the same as i did when pregnant with  Landon.  My girls made me much sicker.  I guessed right with all 4 kids!
I am due July 15th and can't wait to meet the little guy!

Holidays!  I really struggled in my picture taking this winter.  I basically have 1 picture from each holiday.   I blame my laziness on this pregnancy :)


Kaitlyn and Ashleys Birthday party!
On October 12th Kaitlyn turned 6 and Ashley 4.  We invited some family over for a little party!

Grandma Cindy made the girls cute little princess cakes!

 We decorated little pumpkins

Bryans family

Landon enjoying some cake he snuck out of the house :)

I really only have a couple of pics from Christmas.  Yes that is really sad.

Landon doesn't look too thrilled to be meeting Santa. ha ha


Here are a few of our fun days and sleepy days of winter.

My little soccer girls

and boy :)
He loves kicking the ball around and his coordination is actually pretty good for a one year old.

Playing at a bounce place with our cousins

I love that my kids are so close.  Landon loves to sit on his sisters laps and hang out with them.

 They also love to sit on their Daddy and wrestle.  Some days he feels like a jungle gym. :)

We had my brothers 3 kids over for a sleep over.  I don't think Bryan could move for 3 days after that. 

 I love that kids can fall asleep anywhere.  I feel like that some days :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Italy, Spain and France!

Two months later i am finally posting about our amazing trip to Italy, Spain and France! I can only post a few of our many pictures, and as i am doing this i am thinking "why didn't i take more".  I wanted to capture absolutely everything we saw on this once in a lifetime trip.  The reason for this amazing trip was a 4 day dental conference put on by Bryans work, "White Cap Institute".  Thanks to Bryans wonderful boss, he covered our airfare, 4 night hotel at the most beautiful Villa and all of our meals at the Villa.
The Villa La Masa

While the guys were in the conference, the wives got to spend time in Florence playing. One of the days we were able to attend a cooking class taught by our  amazing world renound chef, Andrea.  He taught us how to make homeaid pasta.  And even better, we got to eat all of this yummy food!

One of our favorite places in Florence was the Duomo (Cathedral de Santa Maria del Fiore).

The work of art on the dome was started in 1296 by Brunelleschi and was absolutely amazing!  

This is the view from the very top of the dome.  You could see all over Florence for miles.

There's nothing yummier than some good Italian food.  We found the best little pizza place called "Gusta Pizza".  It was really the best i ever had!

I loved all the little outside cafes on the streets.  Notice the big brick of butter next to me.  I asked the cute old Italian man for butter and i got more than i bargained for.  ha ha

Town Square

At the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.  The bridge was built in 1345 and was Florences first across the Arno River.

Bryan in front of Michelangelo's Statue of David.  

These are just a couple of the many statues around Florence.  This one is Medusa.

After our fun in Florence, Bryan and jumped on a train headed for Savona to catch our cruise.  We went on a 5 day Mediterranean cruise to Spain and France. 

Some friends of ours that  work at White Cap with  Bryan joined us on our cruise!  It was nice to know at least 6 others that could speak English (besides our awesome Philippino waiters)

The most amazing buildings were always the old cathedrals!

All of the pictures above are of us in Spain.  Which we loved!  France on the other hand was not one of our favorite places.  It would be awesome to return to Spain some day.
What an amazing trip! It was hard leaving the kids for two weeks but we were very lucky to have Bryans parents so willing to watch them for us.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sister Cruise

Who works harder than anyone with very little breaks or time to themselves?.........Moms.  My sisters and i decided we needed a fun vacation to get away from it all and just be GIRLS!  So my sisters, Mom and Aunt  jumped on a boat headed to Mexico! Our cruise was on the Carnival Elation leaving out of New Orleans.
My adventure started before even getting on the ship.  I flew standby hoping to save a little money, unlike everyone else who bought tickets for $450.  There is always a risk when flying standby, but with 7 flights leaving out of Houston (my hub) i figured my chances looked pretty good.  I made it to Houston just fine and even had a for sure ticket in my hand.....well, the flight ended up getting canceled so imediately all of the other flights going to New Orleans filled up.  My only option was to rent a car and drive 5 and a half hours to N.O by myself.  It really wasn't too bad and i ended up getting to the hotel the same time as everyone else. (They left SLC about 9 hrs after i did). ha ha?

Our first stop was Progreso Mexico.  We went to Chichinitza and saw the myan ruins. Pretty amazing!

The 3rd day we stopped in Cozumel.  Our excursion was the ATV beach adventure!  We rode around on a dusty, rocky, wet trail for a couple of hours.  Then went to the beach where we snorkeled and just relaxed for a while.  

I love this picture of Aunt Carma!  She won $2,000 in the casino playing a .25 poker machine!  I've never seen anyone so excited!

Well, she was pretty excited to steal a kiss from our waiters at dinner :)  We had a lot of fun flirting with them, especially Carma our only single gal! 

We tried frog legs one night.  Yumm! they kind of taste like chicken :)

We had a lot of fun being nerdy and just doing whatever we wanted!  I tried not to post the crazy pics to spare all of you what we are really like. ha ha
 My roomy Tara!   When we got to our room the first day our beds were pushed together and that night we got a towel on our bed folded in the shape of a heart :)  there's no one i would've rather spooned with. ha ha

I had such a blast with my family! I'm so lucky to have 3 sisters who are my best friends!  And i'm glad Mom and Carma were able to join us!  the week just went by way too fast.

Kaitlyn at the Beach at Bear Lake

Lake Powell